Heading into the next Golden Ram Truck

Happy Friday everyone! Who's all ready for the weekend and the heatwaves coming our way? I may have been snacking on a Caramel Magnum Bar in the office - but don't tell the boys that.... They have a sweet tooth around here so what's a girl to do? I've had to become somewhat sneaky, and speaking of sneaky... you guys are good at finding these Golden Ram's. Looks like we have to step it up a notch ;)

UPDATE! Golden Ram Truck #4 has been discovered! We will be onto #5 on the week of July 9th, so stay posted after this weekend. Like our FB Page where you can find all the clues and get updates. It's best to turn on "Post Notifications" on our page - this way you'll receive a notification on FB. Clue's will be continuously dropped until the Golden Ram Truck of the week has been found. We will  update you ASAP when a truck has been found, don't worry we are quick as possible to keep everyone in the loop. It's been amazing to receive messages and phone calls about the search, we hope everyone is having fun!! Happy Friday, make the BEST out of the weekend, enjoy the sunshine friends!!