Letter Sent in about The Golden Ram Search


My son and I heard about the St. Paul Dodge contest through a friend at work.  The first golden ticket/truck had been found and we had just gotten the clue to the second truck.

We looked up parts of the clue and knew the truck had to be in Saddle Lake because the first clue was about a rotation; the first place we went was the powwow.  Although we had been there before it wasn’t the same because this time we had to take a really look around on the ground itself. We realized how massive the powwow grounds were and the structure was so embracing.  We then headed to the horse track thinking maybe the truck would be there. We noticed that there were horses and people there so we admired the horses and were going up and down checking out the bleachers- Guess what?... We were actually getting some exercise in. 

On our way out there were a couple people working in a building and one of them came out and we spoke about the clue, Dodge and our adventure.  There were smiles and talks and a wave of good luck sent our way.  We went to the construction site but thought it was a little dangerous so we headed home.  By the time the next clue came out we realized where it was but someone had already found the clue.

This adventure has resulted in my son and I taking more time to get to know the communities learn about cultures, spend time together, get us out of the house exercising and meet the friendliest people around.

Now at work we have so many people that are wanting to play and going to the Dodge website to check out the clues and most of all the laughter and the good times that we are having is worth waiting every week to see what the next clue is.


Thanks St Paul Dodge