The Jeep brand is known for making some of the toughest vehicles on the road and giving you the option to customize just about every aspect of your vehicle. The Cherokee continues these traditions and does not disappoint when it comes to how easy it is to customize.

One place most people don't think about customizing is their interior, but you should reconsider. You are going to spend most of your time in the interior, and you are going to want it to be as comfortable as possible. You also are going to want it to have features that add to your overall Cherokee experience. The Cherokee can be had in eight different trim levels, and there are sixteen different interior options between these eight trims. You are spoiled for choice when you are selecting what kind of interior materials you want in your Cherokee

If you want help customizing your Cherokee, stop by our showroom in St. Paul. Here at St. Paul Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we want all of our customers to get the exact vehicle they are looking for. We also recommend taking the Cherokee for a ride around the block so you can get used to its driving characteristics.


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